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Westminster’s spectacular 85,2009年秋天,占地5000平方英尺的阿默尔学术中心开放,包括人文和数学科学两部分, surrounding a centrally located glass atrium. 在观赏风景, LEED金牌认证建筑拥有小班教学,鼓励学生互动, state-of-the-art technology, abundant informal meeting spaces, 还有大窗户,可以捕捉自然光和法明顿山谷的壮丽景色.
Armour embodies the four core values of Westminster – community, 字符, 平衡和参与——因为它提供了正式和非正式的讨论空间, 放松和学习, 以及最先进的技术和材料,以确保最高水平的教学和学习. 在一天中的任何时间, 你可以在科尔图书馆找到正在做研究或解决问题的学生, 聚集在一间自习室, hanging out and eating snacks in the Atrium, or quietly reading next to the fireplace in Gund Room. 装甲提供资源, including a sixteen-seat planetarium, lecture hall and impressive labs, to enable students and faculty to explore science, 数学和人文在明亮的空间专门设计的教学和学习. armor通过鼓励与学者和彼此的接触,将社区团结在一起.


中心的每个教室都配备了最先进的教育技术,以提高教与学. Tools such as sophisticated interactive whiteboards, 多媒体播放器和先进的音响系统使威斯敏斯特的老师们可以在指尖触摸下将全球信息带入教室,并即时分享和保存工作.
While most students bring a laptop computer to school, 台式电脑可用于个人工作或小组教学在计算机实验室和科尔图书馆. The library also offers a classroom with a full audiovisual package.


从青少年收藏, devoted to teen reading and coming-of-age information, to the rigorous research projects that are integrated into the curriculum, Westminster’s 科尔库 serves its students and faculty with focus and flexibility. Carefully selected non-fiction books and online resources, together with our interlibrary loan service, facilitate research and learning.
A diverse selection of titles, ranging from classic to contemporary works, supports reading for pleasure, 经常更新的专题展示使学生了解当前的问题,并提醒他们新的和吸引人的材料. 图书管理员, 与校园组织和广大社区合作,推广图书馆服务和图书馆主办的特别活动. Our three experienced librarians, Mrs. Johri,夫人. 格里菲斯和夫人. 史蒂文斯, 欢迎你的建议, 请求, questions and opportunities to support students in their efforts.


巴克斯特画廊, adjoining Armstrong Atrium in the Armour 学术中心, showcases the school's permanent collection of paintings, prints and sculpture dating from the late 19th to the early 21st century. The collection includes work created by Westminster alumni, 前教师, 以及由威斯敏斯特校友及其家人慷慨捐赠给学校的国际知名艺术家. 每年春天, the gallery is transformed into exhibition space for the annual 校友 Art Exhibit, showcasing the work of several alumni artists. 
Students of all levels display their work in a variety of visible spaces on campus, 包括亲密的汉密尔顿艺术画廊和教堂画廊,每年都有几个学生和教师的展览.


  • 领先的绿色设计

    armor学术中心被美国能源部授予LEED®(能源与环境设计领导力)金牌认证.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute.  It achieved gold certification for energy use, 照明, 水和材料的使用,以及纳入各种其他可持续战略. 它是第一批大规模使用地热交换系统的设施之一.
    • 一个拥有72口500英尺深的井的地热交换系统估计可以节省大约20美元,000 per year in fuel costs and to pay for itself within five years. 该建筑预计将比最新的能源消耗标准高出约33%.
    • 学生和老师所占用的90%的空间都可以直接看到户外, an environmental improvement that has been shown to increase productivity.
    • 通风系统提供了超过规范要求的新鲜空气,创造了一个更健康的学习环境.
    • High-efficiency mechanical systems, 增加绝缘, smart glazing and efficient 照明 design will save about 37 percent in energy costs.
    • 与传统建筑相比,节水管道装置将减少40%的用水量,每年节省155英镑,000加仑水.
    • 该灌溉系统将减少50%的用水量,每年可节省100万加仑的水.
    除了, the center has low gas-emitting paint, adhesives and carpets; building materials with a recycled content that averages 20 percent; built-in recycling bins; accommodations for bicycles; and preferred parking for fuel-efficient and car pool vehicles. Seventy-five percent of the waste generated by the project was recycled.



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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students
In keeping with our support for a diverse community, 威斯敏斯特遵守所有适用的联邦和州法律,不歧视任何受保护的特征, 包括种族, color, 宗教信仰, 性, 性取向, gender identity or expression, 国家和民族出身, ancestry and/or disability in administration of its educational policies, 皇冠2021app下载地址政策, scholarship and loan 项目, and athletic and other school-administered 项目. Westminster admits students of any race, color, 国家和民族出身 to all the rights, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. 
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